Znüni News – Wednesday November 11

You would be forgiven for believing that we were in a James Bond film after it was discovered that the Crypto AG, based in Zug, had been for decades delivering message encrypting machines to foreign governments that contained a „backdoor“ so that the company could share what each country was doing with various intelligence services including the CIA. It could be considered as „normal“ were it not for the fact that the government seems to not have been aware of these going ons. Apparently the Swiss intelligence service was selecting what information to share with the government.  The first step the government took upon this being brought to light, was to rescind the right for the company to produce message encrypting machines. Now that the story has been uncovered it is time for the blame game to find out who knew what and who is, ultimately, responsible for damaging the image of Switzerland as a „neutral“ country.

Yesterday the number of covid-19 new cases stood at 5980, that is 9% less than what it was the previous week. The R rate is now at 1.05, which is encouraging. However we are far off from the couple of hundred of daily cases we were at beginning of September and the R rate has to fall around 0.7% for a stabilising of cases to be considered real. The government is also cautioning that at best there will only be a vaccine available next spring. So keep on, keeping on!

By the way remember Loredana the gansta rapper from Emmebrücke? She won the MTV Europe award for best Swiss act this past weekend. 

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