Znüni News – Tuesday November 24

Every 13th person living in Lucerne is considered poor. A statistic released yesterday shows that there currently are 29 300 people living below the poverty line; this means that they have a disposable yearly income of CHF 12 000.- or less (after the essentials have been paid, rent, insurance etc). This is roughly the same figure as 4 years ago.

The average household has a revenue of CHF 93 100 and a disposable income of CHF 47 900.

Currently 9300 people are looking for work, a year ago it was 6500. The estimation is that this time next year it will 12 000 people who will be out of a job.

Joining their ranks are the 15 employees from the Dr. Oetker “Guggelhupf Café” which will be closing its doors this coming Sunday. Opened as a pilot project this café downtown has been a good success and locals and employees alike are wondering why they are having to close; especially as they are now planning to open a branch in Frankfurt on Main based on the success of the café in Lucerne. A dispute over the rent is being given as the reason by the Dr. Oetker company.

The new positive covid-19 case average is 4 285, that’s 26% less than last week. Che va pianu, va sanu, va luntanu? (Who goes slowly, go safely, goes a long way?). Let’s hope so…

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