Znüni News – Tuesday August 30

To help deal with the need to produce its own energy, Switzerland is now considering making it mandatory for new builds to have solar pannels. In the Wallis there could very well end up being large fields of solar pannels as it is the sunniest canton in the country.

In Lugano a woman terrorist who bought a kitchen knife in Manor and then proceeded to try and decapitate two women shoppers (who survived the attack) has only one regret, that she didn’t do a better job of it. The attack occured in November 2020, the 29 year old woman from the Tessin converted to Islam as an adult and fell in love with a jihadist she met online. It is proven that she suffers from severe psychlogical issues that make a rehabilitation improbable. The case continues.

In 2020 the coronavirus was the 3rd most common cause of death in the country accounting for 12% of all deaths, behind heart attacks (27%) and cancer (22%). In reality though the number is probably more as people who had the virus were then more likely to then develop heart issues.

Switzerland is the second country in the world to now offer a vaccination against the Covid-19 Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5. The vaccines will be available from september.

If you fancy a smile, then go down to the Reussbuhl bridge, where city workers have covered the bridge in smilies in an effort to encourage a better cooperation between cyclists and pedestrians. As well as to remind cyclists and drivers that the speed limit is 20 and that, here, pedestrians have priority.

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