Znüni News – Thursday October 11

The Postfinance is to introduce new bank fees next year, putting an end to its reign as the go to bank for newcomers on low budgets. A CHF 5.- monthly bank fee will be implemented to everyone (so far it was only for people with less than CHF 7500.- in their account). Any printed statement will be charged CHF 1.- and should customers ask for their bank statement at the counter or via phone they will be charged CHF 4.- a time.  They are planning on getting a gain of 8.4 million francs this way.

Coworking spaces are becoming ever more trendy and present in Lucerne, the Hirschengraben co-working space may just have the edge as they are now offering a capsule hotel on site. Following the Japanese trend the rooms are tiny, not unlike space capsules but offer all the mod-com (albeit in a very small space). Costing between CHF 38.- and CHF 50.- a night, this is a fun way to spend some time in our lovely city. The hotel will open on November 1. More details here.

Meanwhile the Lion Lodge on the Zürichstrasse in the Steinenstrasse neighborhoud is planning to tear down their building an build a boutique hotel in its stead. This is not to the liking of the neighbours who argue that their street has a very specific look and should be kept so.

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