Znüni News – Thursday May 4.

We all know the dangers of falling for email scams, but this scam took scamming to a whole new level. A cheese producer in the Gruyere region delivered 32.7 tons of cheese, worth 450 000 francs to the UK, believing that he was sending the cheese to two well known cheese importers. The problem is that they never ordered the cheese and it has now disappeared, presumably sold on illegally to shops all over the country.

A Swiss man has been arrested and sentenced to jail for having printed fake money and then used it to buy goods in Lucerne, Solothurn and Basel. He had printed roughly 30 000 francs worth of notes but only managed to use 10 000 francs worth of them before he was arrested. The man is a professional painter and managed to create very credible false money.

Did you know that the Gletscher Gardens near the Löwenplatz are 150 years old? They were originally uncovered when Josef Amrein-Troller was looking for the perfect place to build a communal wine cellar. The Glacier bowls are relics from the last ice age which took place 20 000 years ago. 14 million people have visited the attraction over the years

Littering is a major problem and the national parliament has agreed that something needs to be done to curb the tendency of people to just leave their rubbish behind. There is discussion of instauring a CHF 300.- fine for anyone caught littering, including for throwing cigarette stubs on the ground.

112 residents in the Ufschötti area have signed a petition asking for more police to make sure that the neighborhoud remains quiet between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. The Ufschötti park and lido are a beloved spot to go BBQ and picnic but, unfortunately, things tend to get rowdy once the sun goes down.

Today will be a sunny and balmy day with a high of 23° Celsius, make the most of it as the weather will turn unstable again over the weekend.

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