Znüni News – Thursday December 3

People refusing to wears masks risk fines of up to CHF 300.-. This was decided by the parliament yesterday, arguing that compared to other countries the Swiss have a lot of freedom and so should follow the few rules in place. However this fine will only apply in places where it is clearly defined that masks should be worn.

Pressure is growing on Switzerland to close its ski resorts. Austria has now agreed to keep its ski resorts closed until December 25 and its restaurants closed until January 6. In order to deter its citizens from crossing the border into Switzerland to ski, it has implemented a 10 day quarantine for anyone returning to Austria from Switzerland starting on December 19. France will be placing its citizens in a 7 day isolation upon return from Switzerland and Spain, and now Italy is looking at a quarantine for its citizens returning from Switzerland. So far the Swiss government is refusing to buckle under the pressure but has suggested implementing a limit on how many skiers a resort can welcome.

Parliament put an end to any hope businesses had of getting a rent relief for their facilities when they had to close during the first lockdown. Landlords are under no obligation to offer a rebate on the rent.

Politician Ueli Maurer from the SVP party is a member of the federal council; for his 70th birthday the parliament threw a party for him which has caused a national uproar as obviously more than 10 people took part, people were singing, not all wearing masks and not social distancing and a live band played.

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