Znüni News – Monday September 6

The town is determined to remove as many cars and coaches from downtown as possible. As a consequence the coach parking area next to the KKL is slated to be turned into a park, and now the town thinks that it has found the perfect spot for coaches to park, whilst their passengers are discovering downtown Lucerne. 28 coaches will be able to wait between the Südpol and the A2 highway in Kriens. The project will cost CHF 4.6 million, although it is estimated that CHF 2.2 million will be paid back in parking fees.

Bucherer has just opened its first flagship store in New York on 57th Street. “Bucherer 1888” is 1700 square meters over 3 floors. This is not Bucherer’s first store abroad, it already owns stores in Germany, London, Vienna, Paris and Copenhagen, as well as another 31 stores in America under the name Tourneau. Luxury watch anyone?

22 000 people turned up in Zürich on Saturday for the Gay Parade organised in favour of the “Marriage for All” initiative which will be voted on, on the 26th of September.

It was one of the wettest summers in the Alps, meaning that the cows sent up to the mountains to get their fill of wild plants were not able to find as much food that they like as usual. The cold and wet meant that the ground was softer so the grass would get trampled and it is now turning yellow which, apparently, cows really don’t like. Having started 2 weeks later than usual because of the cold, the season is ending 3 weeks earlier than anticipated. The Alpabfahrten have already begun and, in many areas, are not celebrated as usual, due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

It will be a sunny and warm beginning of the week.

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