Znüni News – Monday October 4

2 million people in Swizerland remain unvaccinated, according to the government that is too many to prevent further outbreaks, which is why they have put the following measures in place:

  • As of October 10 tests will have to be paid except for those showing symptoms, the under-16s, and people who have received a first vaccination.
  • Repetetive testing in companies continues to be encouraged and paid for by the government. Certificates issued from the tests will also be paid for.
  • A week known as vaccination week is being planned and 170 mobile vaccination stations will be circulating around the country.
  • Anyone who manages to convince someone to get a vaccine will be given a CHF 50.- voucher.

After the Panama papers, the Pandora papers are making headlines. Containing close to 12 million documents, these papers expose how the very rich manage to hide their fortunes using shell companies. Switzerland comes up over and over again as a middle man, operating between the individuals wanting to hide their fortunes and the shell companies they are burying their fortunes in.

Corn crops have fallen victim to the bad weather this year, and Lucerne is faced with one of its worst years. With corn covering nearly 6000 heactares of land in the canton, it is an important crop for farmers. However hail weaked the plants and microscopic mushrooms have done the rest. It is as yet unclear how much of the crops will be salvageable.

Rain and cooler temperatures are to be expected this week.

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