Znüni News – Monday October 3.

Anyone wanting a booster vaccine against Covid-19 can get this free of charge in Lucerne, Willisau or Hochdorf as of October 10. The vaccine is available to anyone 16 or older,and the government is recommending anyone over the age of 65, with existing medical conditions, or pregnant to get vaccinated. You can sign up for an appointment here.

Electricity consumption in september rose instead of going down as the government had hoped. People are not really reacting to the energy saving campaign the government put into place; meaning that it is now considering how it can do a better job in the public sector and whether obligatory measures will need to be put into place.

The canton of Lucerne is forecasting that it will have a surplus of 160 million francs in income this fiscal year. This is 60 million more than originally forecast. This will not mean a massive spending spree but rather a reserve for the coming year which continues to be seen as potentially challenging.

Here is an interesting fact which has the government perplexed, drivers waiting in front of the Gotthard tunnel will have to wait longer if they are heading north than if they are heading south. Studies have shown that a kilometer of traffic jam heading south is equivalent to a 10 minute wait, whereas the same kilometer is equivalent to 13 to 20 minute wait when heading north. Traffic experts are now trying to figure out what is making the difference.

Slightly warmer and sunnier weather is forecast this week, at least if you get above the fog!

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