Znüni News – Monday November 9

This week-end’s work at the train station went according to plan. The replacement buses were sufficient so people could get to their destinations without too much of a wait. As of today the trains are back to running normally.

Italians working in the Tessin are currently not allowed to take jobs in the private security branch. This is because the Italian internal security department is refusing to hand over the applicant’s personal details (i.e. whether they have been condemned for committing a crime or not). This used to not be a issue but new laws put in place by the Italian justice department have caused this change. As the demand for private security companies is growing this is leading to a shortage of personnel. If you have ever wanted to work in security and speak italian, this could be an opportunity.

Does Lucerne need an indoor stadium for 4000 spectators? This is one of the initiatives we will be voting for (or against) on November 29. This new stadium would be built in Kriens at the Mattenhof and would be used mainly for indoors sports such as handball, basketball etc.. We will about the upcoming referendums in more details soon.

Hard to believe on a foggy day like today but Lucerne finally beat its own record and had over 1865 hours of sun this year. Come on Lucerne, surely we can make it to 2000 hours by the end of the year?

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