Znüni News – Monday March 22

To say that the govenment’s announcement, that the only restriction to be lifted as of today would be that up to 10 people can meet in private, was disappointing for many is an understatement. The whole gastro, cultural and tourism industry is looking at their books and wondering how they will survive when even the Easter period will be spent shutdown. Unless numbers go down significantly before then, the next possible date for easing of restrictions is April 14.

6000 people took to the streets in Liestal on Saturday to protest these decisions in an authorised demonstration. This was the biggest “anti corona-measures” demonstration to date in Switzerland. However nearly no one wore masks no respected social distancing so chaos with the police ensued with several people being arrested and others injured.

Ditto on Friday in Bern, where a “Climate Strike” demonstration in front of parliament led to 180 out of the 200 demonstrators facing prosecution. On the other hand the demonstration for “Climate Strike” which took place in Lucerne and which had been authorised was peaceful with no police intervention nor arrests. The next “Climate Strike” action will take place on May 21.

Also facing prosecution is the 21 year old hacker from Lucerne who hacked into several american companies security systems. The case concerns eight company which the hacker supposedly “broke into” digitally. If found guilty she could face up to 25 years in jail. However Switzerland does not generally hand over its citizens for prosecution in other countries. The woman is part of a hacker collective known as the “Advanced Persistent Threat 69420” group.

For those who ventured into the mountains this weekend, they were rewarded by gorgeous fresh powder snow, but spring will return as of wednesday when temperatures will reach double digits again.

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