Znüni News – Monday August 22

We are back! For those whose holidays come to an end today, we hope that you had an amazing, relaxing and fun time.

40 000 children are making their way back to school today. The police will be present around the schools to make sure that the children who are becoming independant cross streets safely. They are recommending that children do not use kickboards nor that parents drive their children to school unless it’s a necessity. The Swiss motto for kids crossing streets is “Warte, Luege, Lose, Laufe” (wait, look, listen, go).

What a summer! We’ve had it all: drought, storms and downpours. However, yesterday the weather was perfect for the 11th lake crossing competition and a record number of people signed up (568) to swim the 1100 meter between the Lido and the Ufschötti. Even the mayor joined in for the first time.

However, many people are looking at the winter ahead and preparing for a hard winter energy crisis. The sales of wood chips, candles, generators, batteries for example have gone through the roof, in some cases up by +1000%. Survival courses are also quickly booked out. The government assures that a “Swiss Blackout” is unlikely as we have very good infrastructures, but this shows how very interconnected and dependant on other countries for our resources we are.

In this age of “woke”, cultural appropriation is becoming more and more of a theme, even in Switzerland. Twice now, musicians in Switzerland wearing dreadlocks have been forced to stop or cancel their concerts as audience members or crew have said that they were uncomfortable to see non Jamaicans wearing dreadlocks. The musicians are calling for a healthy debate on the topic.

Summer is back for this week, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 20s.

The LiLi Centre is open again. Drop by Monday through Fridays from 9.00 to 13.00 for a coffee, some advice, to cowork or just to chill. This Saturday we will be having our “Welcome Back” party with a day full of activities. We hope to see you there!


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