Znüni News – Friday June 15

Due to the growing economy and population of elderly in Switzerland the health cost is soon to exceed CHF10,000 per head for the first time. The Swiss health care spending is likely to accelerate by 3.8% this year according to KOF, part of the federal technology institute ETH Zurich

Powerful storm for a second night. Parts of Lausanne started to flood. The strong storm affected the eastern part of Switzerland and caused an avalanche and landslide that cut off the St Bernard Pass in canton Valais overnight, no injuries or deaths were reported and the St Bernard Pass has re opened this morning.

At the train station Schwyz a train crashed into a factory building and there are currently no trains running Arth-Goldau and Fluelen.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Saying of the day: Du bindisch mier doch en Bär uuf. You bind me to a bear – You’re pulling my leg[/perfectpullquote]


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