Yum, Swiss Sausages!

As soon as the days warm up, it seems like all Swiss fire up the BBQ or head to forest to grill sausages. You probably would bet good money on the fact that the sausage being grilled is a Bratwurst, and although you are probably right you should know that there are no less than 400 different types of sausages typical to Switzerland. Here are some of the classics:

Cervelat – Known as the national sausage of Switzerland let’s begin with the Cervelat. Named after the Latin word for brain (which the original sausage used to contain), a cervelat nowadays is usually made out of beef, bacon and pork rind. It is usually cut into various geometric shapes and grilled on a stick over an open fire. Some 160 million are produced every year.

St Galler Bratwurst – although Bratwurst is originally a German speciality, the Swiss have refined the recipe and produce a variation known as the St Galler Bratwurst. Made entirely out of veal, this sausage is subtly flavoured with muscato nut and pepper. It is traditionally served grilled or with an onion sauce and rösti.

Bauernbratwurst – this sausage is made with fresh ingredients and must be cooked before being eaten, either pan-fried or grilled. It is made mainly of pork, bacon and cider. It can sometimes be boughtcurled on itself and is known as a Schnecke Wurst.

Landjäger – this dry sausage is a great one to take with you when you go for hikes as it does not need cooking or refrigeration. It is made of beef, pork, spices and red wine and smoked.

Schüblig – this sausage is not unlike a cervelat in appearance, it is made of beef, pork and bacon and can be eaten in many ways from raw, to boiled or grilled. Quite often it is served up as a salad.

Pretty much every canton has its own variation on these sausages or their own speciality. So go ahead and enjoy “jetzt isch Grill Saison!”.

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