Where to grab a quick bite in Luzern

Sometimes you feel like the royal treatment, and sometimes eating is just one of the many things you need to manage to fit into your daily routine. Here is a list of alternatives so you don’t end up with a salami sandwich in your hand every single lunch break. (Seriously, put the cold cuts down, that stuff can kill you).

Little jewels of Löwengrabe (Altstadt)

Tucked in behind the Coop City, there is a small “gourmet street”. There is an Indian restaurant, Mirch Masala. For CHF 15-18 you can get a good meal. For a healthier option, stay away from the coconut based curries and pick an iron-packed DalYet if you are not feeling very ethnic, give Soul Chicken a go. In a quirky atmosphere, they serve their biggest hit: chicken wings baskets with pommes or salad. If you want to stay on the “low cholesterol side of things” you can always opt for the steamed chicken thigh (they only use free range swiss poultry which is always good to know). For a bowl of pasta and other daily offers, Jazzkantine and Icilio are only a few steps away.

Moving away from Löwengrabe, this time behind Manor, you will find Song Pi Nog, one of the best Thai places in town. Mind you: the place is always full so it’s hard to get hold of a table. If you do though, it will be worth your effort. Average price for a meal is CHF 24.

Bahnhof and Neustadt

If you are around the train station, you need to make a pi-stop at KKL world’s café. This may not be the cheapest there is out there but the quality of the food is very good so it’s not overpriced either. Also, since you order at the bar and then pick a table, the experience is pretty much hassle free.

For a taste of Morocco, try Barbes. They have daily menus at a starting price of CHF 15.5 so it’s hard to say no. Not many tables are available, but you can always order take out.

Although usually reserved for special occasions due to its high price, nobody can argue that sushi makes for a great light easy lunch. So if you want to pamper yourself, Kaiten is a great place to do so. Since it’s quite small and usually busy you will be better off making a reservation.

Just cause it’s a quick bite it doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Enjoy!

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