The Tickling Path

Thank you Melanie Andres (a LiL Team Member) for submitting this lovely post!

We had read about the Kitzelpfad am Härzlisee in the Get Ready for Summer Booklet and gave it a go over the weekend. It turned out to be a great family outing with our two little kids (almost 2 and almost 4) and I would like to recommend it. I was a bit concerned about how easy it would be to take a stroller and had no idea what the trails would be like.

The Kitzelpfad, or tickle trail, is located on Brunni in Engelberg. It’s a 220-meter long trail around a little lake (Härzlisee) that you walk barefoot.

Take off your shoes and tickle your senses as you wade through water, walk on pebbles, wood, fir cones, stones and even swampy mud and complete this sensory experience in a warm water tub.

When you get hungry bring your own snacks and picnic on the mountain, or grab a meal and refreshments in one of the restaurants. There is even a BBQ spot by a little stream with a waterfall.

To get there, we drove to Engelberg, parked by the Brunni Bahnen and took the Brunni cable car up to Ristis, walked a hundred meters and took the chair lift further up to Brunnihütte (where the tickle path is). They just put the folded up stroller in a chair behind us, so no problem. After doing the tickling path and eating, we strolled back down to Ristis. A very scenic walk which is a bit bumpy at first, but then pretty smooth once the path turns paved half way down, and took about 1 1/2 hours (would have been faster if our older daughter was a bit more enthusiastic about walking…). Back at Ristis, we hung out a the playground and did the toboggan run – there is also a playground with several water features – before heading back down by cable car.

For us this destination was perfect, as we could take the stroller with us. But there’s lots more to do, with several other hiking trails, paragliding and mountain biking to name just a few.

The Quick Details

Where: Brunni in Engelberg
How to get there: 40-minute car ride from Luzern. (You can also take the train.)
Cost: We paid 46 CHF with 1/2 Tax card for two adults and two children under 6. 5 CHF for parking by the valley station.

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