The Seeburg Hotel Christmas Lights

Tonight the Seeburg Hotel will be ringing the Festive Season in with its annual light show.

It takes around 640 hours of work to put up the 15 kilometres of Christmas lights all over the hotel and gardens of the Seeburg hotel.

The festive season starts early when the 300,000 lights are switched on, at a festive event which takes place in the Rosengarten (opposite the hotel) on Sunday 16th November.

Starting at 4pm there’s entertainment for the whole family, which in past years has included traditional bell-ringing, roasting marshmallows around open fires, the releasing of lanterns, as well as various stage acts. There’s also gluhwein and hot chocolate for sale, as well as snacks including the traditional Luzerner Lebkuchen.

From 5pm there will be music from the ‘Gospel Family’, and at 6pm there will be gasps of delight as the thousands of lights are turned on.

It really is a beautiful sight, which gives the hotel its deserving title of ‘The Christmas hotel’.

From 6pm on Sunday the Open-Air Fondue Terrace will be open, as well as the cosy alpine Rigihuette, serving fondue and raclette. Both come highly recommended, and reservations are strongly advised!

Here are some facts:

Over 300,000 lights

70 Christmas trees

15.1 km of cables

1.9 km of extension cord

640 hours of preparation/building time

100% renewable energy (Luzerner Wasserstrom)

Sunday 16th November at 6pm the lights are turned on

Rosengarten (opposite the hotel)

From 4pm: entertainment for kids and the family

From 5pm: Music ‘The Gospel Family’

The Rigihuette opens, as does the Adventsfondue Open-Air

Gluhwein and snacks (lebkuchen etc.)





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