The Norwegian Hausfrau: cooking made fun!

Once upon a time, Therese Moser was a  web programer with a huge interest in the gourmet world. Little did she know that this”hobby” was going to grow so much in her that she would end up becoming what she describes as  “her own version of Nigella Lawson”, a self taught cook who learns and teaches out of passion and hours of experimenting. After she left her native Oslo to come to Lucern with her swiss husband, Therese went into the editorial world for a couple of years co-founding a magazine destined to parents and children. After she finished that project, It was time for something new: “I love to entertain and have people over for dinner, but I obviously couldn’t do it every night. I have a lot of friends in the expat community and some of them suggested I organize some events”. And so she did. At first, like any other entrepreneur she started small, teaching in her own kitchen. But as her groups grew larger, she needed to find a way to accommodate her clients needs. So along she want and struck a deal with Veriset a kitchen designer company with a few showrooms in town. Although they had never done anything like it, they were sold on the project right away.

Then came the blog: a platform in which Therese shares recipes and ideas as well as the place where she spreads the word about her cooking clasess. With health and creativity as musts, she designs carefully every  menu which she then posts online so people can inscribe in her lectures according to their preferences. She also takes care of everything to the last detail: from the cutlery to the ingredients and drinks. Everything is provided and included in the cost.

After a while teaching grown ups, the busy mom of two came up with a brilliant idea: to provide interactive lectures for moms an kids. After all, her own daughters loved helping in the kitchen and with not many options out there for both grown ups and children she thought other people might enjoy it as well. And she was right.

If you are looking for inspiring ideas for the upcoming holidays, there is plenty from tasty dishes to beautiful decor tips to pamper your loved ones. As for Therese, we actually asked her if we could sneak into one of her classes so we can put to test our culinary skills. Stay tuned for more: full review coming soon!

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