Steamboats and Luzern

The “Stadt Luzern”, not to be confused with the “Stadt Luzern I” is the newest steam boat on the Lake of Lucerne and is also the last that was built for a Swiss lake. The salon paddle steamer has been in use since 1928.

Five steam boats currently operate on the Lake of Lucerne. The Stadt Luzern is the flagship of the Lake of Lucerne’s shipping company and has achieved many fleet records. It is the longest (63.5 m), widest (12.2 m) and heaviest (415 t) passenger boat on the lake, can take the most passengers (1200) and has the biggest engine power (1300 PS).

The high masts, the powerful chimney and the sprawling decks are reminiscent of the ship construction of ocean boats and give the Stadt Luzern a maritime touch. Salons in an art-deco style provide the appropriate ambiance. The “Queens Salon” on the top deck takes its name from 2 May 1980, when the British Queen, Elizabeth II, travelled from Lucerne to Rütli on a state visit and dined in this “Panoramasaal” panorama saloon. General Henri Guisan and Evita Péron were other prominent passengers.

Once a week this autumn, our five vintage paddle steamers will take to the lake in a splendid display that will delight people of all ages.

Did you know? “Stadt Luzern”, “Gallia”, “Schiller”, “Unterwalden” and “Uri” are the names of the five paddle steamers that operate on Lake Lucerne.
The oldest of the fleet, “Uri”, has been floating for over 100 years. It was completely renovated in 1994, with the enchanting neo-baroque salon restored to its original 1920s style.

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