September at the LiLi Centre

We are back and the LiLi Centre calendar is filling up fast! This month we have a wide variety of events taking place including a brand-new German conversation group, an Autumn equinox party, a dance class for kids and much more…

Starts Saturday 2. September
Dance Class For Kids

Junior dance class for kids aged 5-10 years old will open at the Lili Centre from 02.09.23 till 16.12.23

Entry fees: CHF 20 
Duration: 45 min
Time: 12:15-13:00 

No classes are available during school holidays. 

To find out more please contact Yara Arnold

Starts Thursday 7. September
German Conversation B1+

Our German conversation B1+ evening group will start a brand-new semester on 7 September 2023. Sign up now to practice your German in a fun and relaxed environment. The conversation groups will run weekly on Thursday evenings for advanced speakers (B1). If you are unsure if you are advanced enough, don’t worry – just contact us and we will assist you. Please note that this group does not teach German but focuses only on conversation. You should be able and willing to understand and contribute to the conversation (on your level). Don’t be shy…practice makes perfect!

When: 7. September – 14. December
Cost: CHF 280.- (you can use a besser-jetzt voucher to cover the cost of the course)

Starts Tuesday 12. September
Vegetarian Lunch at the LiLi Centre

Every Tuesday and Friday we will be serving up a delicious vegetarian lunch at the LiLi Centre.

Tuesdays: Warm and Nutritious Lunch CHF 14.- / Hearty Soup and Bread CHF 8.-

Fridays: Hearty Soup and Bread CHF 8.-

Orders can be placed Monday before 12pm for the following Tuesday, and Friday before 9am for the same day. Please email Food will be served from 12:00 – 13:00 (takeaway is possible if you bring your own container!)

Thursday 14. September
Red Tent

Red Tents are a global movement of women coming together and finding time to just be in whatever place they may find themselves at this time in their lives, meet other women in their community and enjoy the opportunity to share in a deeper way than we may usually.

In our red tent we invite and welcome all women; sisters, mothers, menstruating girls, menopausal women, young mums, grandmothers, and friends to attend creating a circle of like-minded women. We will be sharing with each other and allowing each other to have some time to express herself. It might be enough for the rest of the circle just to listen, to witness her. Or it might be a discussion on menstruation, health, menopause, spirituality, astrology, some kind of support on her life journey, gentle motivation, or setting an empowering intention. There is no goal in mind at a red tent gathering, other than to allow for a space to share stories, support each other, and recharge for the month ahead.

Friday 15. September
Discover Your Roadmap to Everlasting Peace 

Create lasting change in your life by raising your frequency! This New Moon event is held in a workshop format. Participants will be exposed to various holistic tools, shamanic practices, personal growth techniques, meditations, and visualization practices to support them in releasing old patterns, subconscious blocks, and beliefs, in order to create the most fulfilling, peaceful, and exciting version of their lives.

This is your opportunity to…

◈ Learn tools and techniques to raise your frequency and level-up your life
◈ Discover how to apply various modalities in your day-to-day to ensure long-term result
◈ Connect deeply with yourself, the present moment, and let go of the past
◈ Meet like-minded people who prioritize personal growth and development.
◈ Show up authentically in a safe and intimate container (3-10 people)
◈ Receive direct support from an experienced transformation coach on how to make the most of these specific tools in your life.

Contribution: CHF 22.-

Sign up: Please send an email to save your spot or if you have any further questions. Spots are limited to maintain the integrity of this gathering and for all participants to receive the full benefit.
For more information visit

Saturday 23. September
Autumn Equinox Party

The autumn equinox is when the day and night are exactly equal. The Autumn Equinox is an invitation for us to reflect upon and feel gratitude for all the abundance we have in our lives. This powerful time is a great opportunity to connect with nature and community, and of course to welcome the new energy of the changing seasons.

In honour of this time, we are very excited to invite you to our Autumn Equinox Party on Saturday, September 23rd. We will begin with a few rituals to support you in grounding, connecting to the earth element, as well as attuning to the frequencies of prosperity and ease, enabling you to embody more of them in your life. This part of the event will be held outside if the weather permits. The second part of the evening will be a delicious vegetarian dinner made from fresh and local ingredients which is sure to have you feeling replenished and in your highest frequency. If you feel inspired to bring a musical instrument and share your gifts please feel free to do so.

Please sign up to save your spot.

For more information or questions please reach out to Anna at

Cost: CHF25 for the whole event

Friday 29.September
Women’s Authenticity Circle

What does the most free version of you look like? How long has it been since you’ve connected with her? This event is for you if you want to connect with yourself more fully, learn how to tune into and use your intuition, and feel more confident, supported, held, and aligned with what you most desire. Are you ready to set yourself free and breathe fully? You most definitely deserve it!

Good to know:

◈ This event is for women only
◈ No prior experience is necessary.
◈ Please make sure to bring with you something to write on and with.

When: Friday, September 29th, 19:00-20:30
Contribution: Free
Sign up: Email to save your spot or if you have any further questions. More information on

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