November at the LiLi Centre

No doubt about it we are in autumn and with it comes the time to turn to indoor activities.

This month we are starting a brand new Salsa class which will be sure to keep you warm and that summer glow going a while longer, we are offering you the opportunity to get in touch with your inner self with our Red Tent and Women’s Authenticity Circle, how about finding out how to Glam Up in time for the holiday/party season? And, of course, for those looking for a new job our JIFF bootcamp is back!

Plenty to look forward to then, and do not forget that the centre is Your Home from Home, so please drop by whenever you feel like catching up with a kindred spirit or two.

Vegetarian Lunch at the LiLi Centre

On the menu for November: 

Tuesdays: (order by 13.00 Mon)
– Bean Burritos with Tomato Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream 14.-
– Parsnip, Leek and Lemon Soup with bread 8.-

Fridays: (order by 9.00 Fri)
– Parsnip, Leek and Lemon Soup with bread 8.-

Takeaway available; bring your own container. Order by email:

Starts Thursday 2. November
Salsa Classes

My name is Angese and I am a professional dance teacher, with over 25 years of experience in classical, modern and contemporary dance, salsa and reggaeton, with certifications from the Royal Institute of Dance. The lessons are carefully structured to help you learn quickly, socialise, and have great fun all in one night. Where you can learn the proper technique, excellent leading and following skills, in an encouraging (English, German or Italian spoken) environment. Our Salsa Classes for adults (16+) run every Thursday and give you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin America, regardless of your level. I want you to be able to dance anywhere, with anyone, with confidence and to leave your class and the dance floor feeling great!

When: Thursdays 19:00 – 20:00
Cost: Lili Members CHF25.- / non-members CHF 30.-

Wednesday 8. November
Time to Glam-Up

Tonight Mea will be helping us glam up using our own products and suggesting how we can enhance our beauty routine.

We will look at our daily beauty routine, what is important for our skin to be shiny, healthy and to have a good base for foundation. Through the procedure from 1. Moisturizer,  2.Primer,  3.Foundation,  4.Concealer, 5. Contouring, Bronzer,  Highlighter , Blush, 6. Eyebrows 7. Eyes,  8 .Pressed powder, 9 .Lips, we will find out which techniques, motions and tools are the best to use!  Then we will learn which kind of effects will bring the look to glam level for the party season!

Join us for a fun evening about all things make-up (and enjoy a glass of bubbly – or two).

Each participants should bring their own basic make-up products (including moisturisers and brushes), Mea will show you how to refine and enhance your make-up routine.

Cost: CHF 10.- members / CHF 15.- non-members

Friday 10. November
Discover and actualise your soul vision 

The intention of Feel Good Friday is to help you release what is holding you back and allow more ease, flow, and inspiration into your life. After all, you came here to thrive and live your greatness! 

Please make sure to bring with you something to write on and with, as you will likely want to write things down as we proceed. No prior experience is necessary. See you there!

Cost: CHF 22.-
Sign up: Please send an email to save your spot or if you have any further questions. Spots are limited to maintain the integrity of this gathering and for all participants to receive the full benefit.

For more information visit

Monday 13. November
Red Tent

Red Tents are a global movement of women coming together and finding time to just be in whatever place they may find themselves at this time in their lives, meet other women in their community and enjoy the opportunity to share in a deeper way than we may usually.

In our red tent we invite and welcome all women; sisters, mothers, menstruating girls, menopausal women, young mums, grandmothers, and friends to attend creating a circle of like-minded women. We will be sharing with each other and allowing each other to have some time to express herself. It might be enough for the rest of the circle just to listen, to witness her. Or it might be a discussion on menstruation, health, menopause, spirituality, astrology, some kind of support on her life journey, gentle motivation, or setting an empowering intention. There is no goal in mind at a red tent gathering, other than to allow for a space to share stories, support each other, and recharge for the month ahead.

Saturday 18. November
JIFF Bootcamp

Are you preparing for a job interview? Working on your CV? Struggling with your online communication and an online approach to companies? Then be sure to sign up for our next JIFF Bootcamp to help get you prepared for the Swiss job market!

Our HR and Communication experts as well as our in-house psychologist will help you to figure out how to write your best C.V., network and prepare for those job interviews.

Saturday 25. November
Women’s Authenticity Circle

What does the most free version of you look like? How long has it been since you’ve connected with her? This event is for you if you want to connect with yourself more fully, learn how to tune into and use your intuition, feel more confident, supported, held, and aligned with what you most desire. Are you ready to set yourself free and breathe fully? You most definitely deserve it! This Full Moon gathering will support you in connecting more to yourself, cultivating self-trust and receptivity, learning how to connect to your depth, and utilising gifts of the feminine energy to help you show up more powerfully in your daily life and in the world.

Contribution: Free
Sign up: Email to save your spot or if you have any further questions. More information on

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