Meeting People

So you are new in Luzern and you are wondering how you are going to find kindred spirits, fear not there are lots of friendly people living here and we are going to give you some ideas on how to meet them.


Obviously your first stop is right here at Living in Luzern, by subscribing to our newsletter you will be sent information about our outdoor activities, adult groups and playgroups all of which are about helping you meet people. Our international cultural evenings are another great way of connecting with people who understand your cultural background.

Then there are the facebook groups, first our Living in Luzern main page, but also our adult group and expecting mums group are good places to start, but there are loads of other local facebook pages for you to join.

The Central Switzerland Meet Up is another great place to connect and meet people.

Internations offers networking for business minded people.

Social Clubs.

There are 3 main English speaking clubs in Luzern.

The International Women’s Club of Lucerne runs over 300 events a year, running to culture, girls night out or craft are just some of the groups you’ll find by joining this club. Their Tuesday Morning Coffee at the Hofgarten restaurant is a great place to start.

The Swiss American Society of Lucerne offers activities for couples and families, they have several yearly events (their July 4th barbeque being one of the most popular) as well as regular ones.

The Anglo Swiss Club offers educational talks on a large variety of subjects as well as some outdoor activities.

The International Church of Lucerne is a non denominational place of worship and a great place to meet people from all countries and horizons.

Then there is the Lucerne World Theatre Company which meets weekly and is open to beginner and experienced actors.

Meeting locals.

If you are a sporty person joining one of the many local clubs is a great way to meet locals.

Each neighbourhood has a “Quartier Verein” you can join and get to meet your neighbours. The Swiss are very musical and joining a guggermusic is definitely jumping in the deep end, but loads of fun guaranteed!


Joining a volunteer project is another great way of meeting people and making a difference at the same time.

Learn German!

Some of my closest and oldest friends are people I met whilst trying to make sense of the German language. There are plenty of schools for you to choose from, or join in our own German Conversation group.

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