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Sound is a natural phenomenon.  Music on the other hand, is the result of man’s conscious development of sound into an art and science. The cross-cultural mode of expression and its non verbal nature makes it a universal means of communication.

All humans are born with an innate sensitivity to tone and rhythm and with an innate potential to make and respond to music. We all share a desire to express ourselves and communicate using rhythm, melody and harmony. In that way, all people, regardless the age, the emotional or mental state, the education and music knowledge, can participate and experience music in a way, either through singing, playing, listening or moving to it, and bring into life this personal, inner musicality.

Maria Samara-Georgiou, is a Greek and English speaking Music Pedagogue, a trained  Music Therapist, MA-SFMT (Master of Arts in Music Therapy, N.Y.U, New York, U.S.A) ,  a G.I.M (Guided Imagery and Music) trainee (Advanced,  Level III) to the European Bonny Method Training Program and  a Music Teacher.  She has many years of working experience (15 years), as a Music Teacher, a Musician but mostly as a Music Therapist, with children of all ages and adolescents, in Children Psychiatric Hospitals, institutions, schools, as well as in private practice, in New York and Greece.   She is a member of the AMTA (American Music Therapy Association), of the Greek Association οf Qualified Music Therapists (ESPEM), a member of the Schweizerischen  Fachverband  für  Musiktherapie (SFMT), and a member of AMI (Association for Music and Imagery), now living and working in Luzern.

About MusiKing Studio

MusiKing Studio was founded by Maria Samara-Georgiou, in 2013 aiming to inform people about

a)     the value of music and music-making in children’s development and

b)    about the science of Music Therapy.

It offers:

a) Workshops, lectures, seminars, about Music Therapy, about the value of music and its healing qualities.

b) Individual and group music sessions, for mothers and their babies, for children of all ages and for adolescents,

c) Individual and group music therapy sessions with children and adolescents of  all ages and pathologies, and

d) Individual and Group Guided Imagery and Music (G.I.M) sessions.

Follow MusiKing Studio on Facebook and learn more about the value of Music in Children’s development, about the healing powers of music, about Music Therapy and G.I.M (Guided Imagery and Music),  about all the upcoming Workshops and running Music and Music Therapy groups.

About MusiKing Studio’s Music Groups

Music cannot only be fun, but also a learning, growing as well as a relaxing experience for people of all ages, including yourself.  Join our music groups this year, with your child or come along with other mother-friends.  Explore the world of music together, through singing, playing, and moving.  Be creative, and spontaneous.  Share some quality time together with people you love and have fun.

  • Music Groups for Mothers and their Babies (0-24 months): Use the power of music and lullabies to soothe your young ones. Music plays a powerful role in the lives of young children. Through music, babies and toddlers can come to better understand themselves and their feelings, learn to decipher patterns and solve problems, and discover the world around them in rich, complex ways. Most important, sharing music experiences with the people they love makes very young children feel cherished and important.
  • Music Groups for Mothers and Young Children (2-5 years): Music, as a sound stimulus is unique in it’s power to penetrate the mind and body directly.  It stimulates the senses, evokes feelings, elicits physiological and mental responses and energizes the mind and body. It can be a form of communication (verbal or non-verbal). It helps develop children’s listening and academic skills (language, math, etc) and help make transitions easier. It can help relieve stress, develop or improve children’s self-esteem. It’s a form of “play” (Winicott, 2010), so it can be a source of joy and creativity.


What Mothers say about MusiKing’s Music Groups?

“My twin 3yr old girls and I were lucky enough to attend music classes with Maria. Maria not only has an amazing singing voice but she has an uncanny ability to really read the mood of each child and adapt the class to suit. Her classes are fun, upbeat, and full of fantastic instruments to play and most importantly, the kids loved it! I would definitely recommend Maria and Musiking.”  Karen

For more information or registrations contact:

Maria Samara, Music Therapist, MA-SFMT

Music Teacher/ Musician

G.I.M Trainee (Advanced Level III)

Tel: +041 76 628 0047

E-mail: maria.samara@ymail.com



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