Introducing Lee's Dance Floor – New LiL Partner

Dance is not just for the so-called talented folks.  Neither is it only for women and young adults! Here is what Lee’s Dance Floor can Offer you:

Modern & Musical Dance Course for Adults

At Lee’s Dance Floor the Modern & Musical Dance Course for Adults class is a unique program for both men and women who want to have fun while learning to express themselves with their bodies.  Adolescents are also welcome; depending on student size and demographic, students could be grouped accordingly and taught different choreographies.  This program is led by a veteran dancer and passionate instructor, who believes in giving back to the community by promoting well-being and bringing people together through dance.

Regardless of their dance experience or fitness level, students will be guided step-by-step in building their skills and self-confidence.

As a bonus, students will eventually be given the option to perform in a musical on stage, based on the instructor’s own choreography.

Before you reflect back on your last stage-fright experience, please bear in mind that participation in the musical will be completely optional. But who knows, you might surprise yourself as you develop and uncover new aspects of yourself.  Some also see it as a source of motivation throughout the course; still others take it as a personal commitment and challenge.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that this is a unique dance course that offers something for everyone, be it new friendships, community ties, or commitment to personal goals.  Come join the fun and laughter, while we work our way together along this rewarding journey.

Simply sign up for a free trial lesson, and feel free to bring along family and friends!

When: Thursday at 19:30

Where:  Kreuzbruchstrasse 42, Luzern

Creative Dance for Kids

Also, Lee’s Dance Floor offers Creative Dance for Kids for boys & girls, ages 3 – 8 years old.

Through a fun, playful yet purposeful teaching style, children get to discover various ways of self-expression. Besides posture and self-awareness, the course fosters spatial awareness, concentration, coordination, rhythm, musicality, and social skills. This is a holistic program that supports the child’s physical and emotional development.

Start your kids on the right foot, instead of: “My parents made me dance”!

Register now for a 1-month FREE trial, no strings attached:

(Promotion ends 30 November, 2015)

When: NEW from September 2015

Thursdays, 15:00 (3 – 5 years old)

Thursdays, 16:10 (5 – 8 years old)

Each class lasts 45 minutes.

Where: Kreuzbuchstrasse 42, Luzern



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