Happy New Year! – tips to survive

Yeah!!! Happy New Year everyone!! We hope you had a lovely holiday season and rolled into 2019 filled with laughter, good food, drink, presents, family & friends and lots of positivity! But now that the glitter dust has settled and we look out at the grey skies – 2019 dawns wide, empty and cold ahead of us. Fear not! We are here to help with loads of tips.

First let’s get practical:

What to do with your by now very dead Christmas tree. It’s actually quite straightforward, just put it out on green garbage day and the city will collect it for you for free. Just make sure that it is unadorned of baubles and glitter.

Old wrapping paper can be recycled in the paper collection so long as it crinkles in your hands and isn’t covered in glitter, in which case it needs to go in the normal garbage.

Getting you new car vignette for the highway. It is mandatory to have a yearly car vignette if you drive on most Swiss motorways. Here is a map showing which roads require you to have a vignette. A vignette costs CHF 40.- and is valid for 14 months from December 1st of previous year to January 31st of following year. This means you have until the end of this month to get your new vignette or face a CHF 200.- if you are caught on the highway without one.

How long do you have to wish people Happy New Year for?

In Switzerland it is customary to greet people with “Es guets Nöis” and it is usual to wish that to people the first time you see them until the end of the month of January.

Feeling rough?

Our immune systems have been stressed during the holiday season so if you are feeling unwell, read this post which contains loads of good tips with local remedies.

If the holidays did not bring you that much needed time to recharge your batteries here is a simple technique which can help you cope day by day.

New Year resolutions:

Seriously? Well okay, here are a couple of fun ones you are might want to try.

If you want to get fit, how about joining the winter swimming group which meets at the LiLi Centre every Tuesday lunch, apparently it does marvels for your health and you can enjoy a nice warm drink (and shower) at the centre afterwards.

You could also improve your German, by joining a German conversation group. The LiLi Centre also runs many of those according to your ability.

If you feel like doing something a bot more altruistic, we are always looking for volunteers to help keep the centre open.

Or if you have an idea for a new programme just reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you at info@lilicentre.ch

We know it’s cold and grey outside but here are two thoughts that ought to cheer you up. First, you only have to go up a mountain to enjoy the sunshine and secondly it’s only 6 weeks until the start of Fasnacht!!

Es guets Nöis everyone!!



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