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Do you have a new puppy joining your family and you’re not sure where to start? Or do you have an older dog and want to develop your relationship further? Happy Hounds offers private training for dogs (and people!) of all ages. Private training addresses your individual needs and utilizes positive reinforcement to encourage the desired behavior, and management techniques to prevent unwanted behaviors from occurring. We believe in creating a stress-free learning environment, so that you and your dog can focus on the task at hand and build a lifelong companionship.

Puppy and Adolescent Training
Your young pup is eager to take in the new world around them, and needs your guidance as they face new challenges every day. In puppy and young dog training, we will address walking on the leash, recall, potty training, social skills, and also address common unwanted puppy behaviors like biting, chewing, or hyperactivity. The goal of puppy training is to build the foundations for a happy dog and lifelong friendship.

Virtual Consultations
Do you have a specific question about your dog, or are interested in training but don’t know where to start? In a virtual consultation, Happy Hounds can answer your questions about any topic, including but not limited to:

  • Advice for first time dog owners
  • Pre-adoption consultations
  • getting ready for a four-legged family member
  • Peaceful coexistence with dogs and children
  • Private or group training? Finding the right solution for you and your dog.
  • What is positive reinforcement? Diving deeper into force-free training methods.

Virtual consultations are also a great way to keep up with training if you are short on time!

Interested in getting to know more about Happy Hounds? Give us a call at +41 79 207 38 27 or email us at info@happyhounds.ch and get 50% off your first consultation.

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