Cool apps that make your life easier

It seems like there are quite a few new apps coming out these days to make our lives easier.


Fairtiq is used by the VBL, our local bus company. This app allows you to get on and off buses without having to buy a ticket at the machine or validate your card. Once you’ve installed the app, you simply swipe it when you get on the bus and once again when you get off, at the end of the day the app calculates which fare is cheapest for you and will only charge you for that. Not unlike a London Oyster card, really. More information here.


Is run by the Postfinance bank, it offers something similar to Paymit, the main difference being that you have to credit the Twint app, either from your bank account or by buying cash vouchers, whilst the Paymit debits your account directly. However I’ve seen lots of shops with a Twint compatible sign in town. You can get more information here.

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