A victory for business minded Switzerland

With the votes in on all the referendums it seems as if the business minded side of Switzerland prevailed with the three national initiatives (Ecopop, End of tax privilege for millionaires and The Gold initiative) all being turned down. Perhaps unusually not one canton voted in favour of the Ecopop initiative, which aimed to restrict the number of foreigners entering the country to 0.2% of the actual population per year, and a majority of 74% voted no. Although the “end to millionaire’s tax privilege initiative” was rejected, some cantons already adopted a similar ruling and the remaining cantons are probably going to put stricter rules in place.

On a local level, the Luzerners voted yes to an economics faculty at the local university, which should be launched 2016 provided they can get find private funding; they also voted to co-funding the restoration of the  Gütsch train and the sale of the plot of land at Mattenhof to Mobimo AG. What they did reject was the initiative to have copies of the pictures destroyed in the fire of the Chapel Bridge being put up in the place of the originals.


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