A perfect day in Engelberg

I have a confession to make, this post probably is going to be biased because I LOVE Engelberg! When we moved back to Switzerland in 2000 it was to Engelberg where we lived for 4 years, and as time has gone by I have seen it become more trendy and certainly more international  then when I first moved there. There are now so many cool spots that I just felt I had to share with others. So here are some tips in order to spend a perfect day (and night) in Engelberg.


Obviously Engelberg is a major ski resort and you should pay attention to your skiing level when you choose which slopes you want to go to.

Beginners can safely go to Klostermatt which is in the village after the monastery for a gentle introduction to the sport.

Gerschnialp is now accessible from the Titlis station by train, this small ski area is perfect for beginners to get the hang of t-bars and some longer slopes. You can have a break with drinks and lunch at the Café Ritz whilst watching more advanced skiers enjoying the off piste run from Stand. A little tip if your legs are too tired, the café offers a taxi service back up to the train. Read our post about this area here.

Brunni, this is the sunny side of the ski resort (you access it with a cable car which leaves from the Klostermatt) and has some more advanced slopes but still a relatively easy area to ski on. The Brünnihutte is famed for its nussgipfelis.

Finally once you’ve earned your chops it’s time to try out the new cable cars Titlis Xpress up to Stand; first time visitors should not stop there and go up to the top Titlis station (on the revolving cable car Titlis Rotair), where you can take in the amazing view, walk in the glacier (hold on tight) and the suspension bridge.

There are some ski slopes there but be cautioned only venture on the black run between Titlis and Stand if you really are an experienced skier.

Luckily there are plenty of places to stop and work up your Dutch courage, the Stand Ski Hut and the Trübsee Alpine Lodge have both been refurbished and offer good food, drinks and music.

You can also take the chair lift over to the Jochpass and ski there. This is my favourite skiing area and I have a soft spot for the Gadä Bar with its decidedly alpine decor (complete with cow bells, stalls and fake cow teats!) and great music. We usually have our first (or last)  Kaffee Zwetschg there before heading down to Engelberg. This really is a lovely run but you would miss out if you didn’t stop off at the Restaurant Untertrübsee for one of their famous Coupe Meringue.

Having stocked up on calories, it’s now time to pick up some speed and make your way down to the forest before skiing down to Titlis Station, where, of course, you’ll need to have a drink at the Chalet, it has a great atmosphere and fun live bands.


Phew! After all of that skiing it’s now time to relax a little. There are two wellness areas I can recommend. The first one is the family friendly Hotel Eienwäldli. Their pool area has a slide and a baby pool but also a nice sauna area as well a wellness area. Entrance fee starts at CHF 15.- for an adult

The second one is the Hotel Waldegg which was recently refurbished. They offer a great wellness and dine deal for CHF 118.- including a five course candle light dinner. The view from their wellness area is beautiful looking the whole of the village.

There is a proper swimming pool, if you want to put in some proper laps.


Nowadays there is no shortage of good places to eat. My absolute favourite is the Alpenclub, they have a classic menu but everything is delicious and the atmosphere is always great. They very often have a live band to add to the atmosphere. It is necessary to book in advance if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Another favourite place of mine is the Schweizerhaus at the foot of the Hahnen Montain. they boast having had a restaurant there since 1744, luckily though it was refurbished in 2008, and now offers many atmospheric rooms where you can enjoy some fantastic meat and lovely wines. The little plus is that they will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the village.

If you want something completely different the Spice Bazaar offers delicious Indian food (it belongs to Gourmindia in Lucerne)

Watering Holes

For cocktails the Buenavista Café Lounge Bar at the Hotel Bellevue has a nice après-ski feel to it, and we have more than once taken refuge there to watch the ski jumping from a warm and cosy spot (you see them take off but not land!).

The Ski Lodge Hotel and Restaurant is a very trendy place and their terrace is always packed with people having a loud and lovely time. The braver can try out their outdoor sauna and whirlpool! They have a nice restaurant Brasserie Konrad offering fresh produce (changes daily).

The Yucatan Bar is perhaps the most famous place to hang out with DJs, and live bands, a good time is usually guaranteed.

The Spindle Bar is the oldest disco in the village (having been open since 1968) and has a full programme  through the season.

If you’re having trouble staying awake the day after the night before, then be sure to vist the Roastery Engelberg on the Dorfstrasse. They roast their own coffee beans and have a small and tasty selection of coffees to choose from.

Remember that you can get around for free using the village’s buses, but they do stop running around 18.00.

If you want to find out more information about Engelberg hotels and accommodation this is a great site to go to.



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