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Zürich Airport – App Review

The Elevator Pitch

If Zurich airport is your usual port-of-call for flights in & out of Switzerland then the official Zurich Airport app is a fine addition to your phone’s 3rd party apps. It provides a good one-stop source for things that might require more time to investigate online. I’ve found it to be easy-to-use, accurate, and the best source for the services the airport provides. I don’t use it often but when I do I know i’m saving time and aggravation of having to look up the information online on a small screen.

Functionalities and Scenarios

Departures and Arrivals

As you would expect, the app provides real-time information about departures and arrivals that match what you will find on the information boards at the airport. It also provides additional info like contact numbers for the airlines and information about security waiting times.


Having all the information you could ever require about each and every airline using Zurich Airport is a godsend and something that makes the app worth installing. For each airline it provides the contact numbers and emails, which check-in desks (including rows), and where each airline’s Lost & Found office is. Clicking on the check-in desk info maps the location on the detailed airline map.

Security & Baggage

This is another case of when-you-need-it information about the security checks, restrictions on liquids, which items are considered dangerous, customers regulations, and the regulations about baggage size. And it’s all one tap away on the main menu.

Parking and Taxi

Depending on the length of my trip I often will reserve a parking space in one of the covered garages. You can find the rates and make your bookings directly on the app as well as see the real-time available spaces in each parking garage. You can also find out everything about the taxi rates, where to pick a tax up, and dial directly from the app.
Shopping & Services

The app covers each and every shop, restaurant, and service available in either the Public or Passenger area of the website. You can simply start typing the shop you want and it starts searching automatically. The screen for each individual shop or service has the operating hours and a convenient link to show where the location is on the detailed map.

Use Experience

Even though there is a massive amount of information captured in the app it’s fairly easy to use. It has a very hierarchical structure so its best to get familiar with the main menu and how to drill down to the information you most often need. There are many parts of the app you will never need but as long as you understand what is available it’s a valuable resource when you are rushing to or from your flight and need accurate information on-to-go.

Price : Free