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This weekend turned out to be big on sports. First, the Luzerner Stadtlauf took place downtown on Saturday. Over 10

Lucerne continues with its policy of making downtown Lucerne less attractive to cars. The long planned underground expansion of the train station will require the space currently used by the undergound parking 1 (parkings 2&3 will remain). These 377 parking spots will not be replaced downtown but somewhere further out

Switzerland voted yesterday and all three national motions were accepted. Switzerland will spend more for European borders security, Streaming companies will have to donate 4% of their domestic revenue to the film industry in Switzerland and people will have to opt-out of donating their organs should they die in an

Today is Friday the 13th, for some considered an unlucky day (although I think that people born on that day would beg to differ!), however today is a bad day for the planet as we have reached the "Swiss Overshoot Day". This means that as of today Switzerland has used