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Since June the city of Lucerne along with 7 other cities have been lobbying the government to allow them to

Today is when the new measures put into place begin. You can read in detail what they are here. A quick overview of which shops remain open are: Grocery stores, kiosks, bakeries, gas stations, chemists and drugstores, opticians and hearing aid stores, telecom shops, repair shops and car garages, diy

Considered one of the best ski races in the world, the Laubenhorn race in Wengen has been officially cancelled just one day afer Bern gave it the go-ahead. The reason? 60 positive covid-19 cases in a population of 1000, many of which are with the British mutated version. The organisers

The situation remains difficult with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic. The current R rate (reproduction rate) is over 1 (1.02 on December 31) in Switzerland - meaning that the number of cases will be growing exponentially. However, currently the weekly number of cases is stagnating at around 3220; the intensive