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With the growing numbers of corona cases, some cantons are falling behind when it comes to reaching out potentially infected

Must do better. The canton of Lucerne currently is in the bottom 4 cantons when it comes to vaccination efficiency, they blame this on lack of vaccines. Note that back in January they gave vaccines to other cantons because they felt they had too many. Now they are promising to

The government is having to throw 740 000 PCR tests that they stockpiled last year, because they are now past their use by date. This at a cost of over 13 million francs. On Wednesday the government will announce whether they are going to lift any restrictions at the end of

As of tomorrow it will be possible for anyone person with a health insurance in Switzerland to go to a chemist and receive5 self-tests for Covid-19 for free . This will be renewable on a monthly basis. You will need to show your insurance card (and the card