Znüni News – Wesdnesday March 15 –

Train Station Special!

This weekend the Lucerne Main Train Station will be closed from Saturday morning 00.30 until Monday morning at 5 a.m. due to works on the tracks to allow for trains to arrive and depart faster.

Apart from the Zentralbahn trains there will be NO connections to or from Lucerne. All trains will depart or arrive in either Ebikon, Sursee, Emmenbrücke, Littau or the Transport Museum. There will be replacement buses to take people to the train station from these points.

This means that whichever trip you had planned you will need to factor in the switch to the other stations and bus connections. This can add anything from 20 minutes (to Zurich) to 45 minutes (to Basel or Bern) to your travelling time.

Traffic downtown is also probably going to be dense as a result of all the extra buses.

You are advised to check the SBB online timetable to figure out what your connection and travel time will be.

There will be similar station shutdowns on the weekends of April 1 & 2 and 15 & 16.

The shops in the train station will remain open over the weekend.

The entire project costs CHF 46 million.

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