Znuni News – Wednesday September 5

A spectacular accident and rescue shows how one split second decision can make all the difference. Monday evening a father was driving with his three teenage kids when he decided to take a break. He parked in Seewen close to the Lauerzersee and got out of the car to stretch his legs, his eldest son came with him but the other two children stayed in the car. They had moved about 10 meters away from the car to watch a fisherman when the car rolled forward and into the lake, in seconds the car was submerged with the two other children trapped inside. The father and eldest son dove in and by yanking the door to the boot open, were able to rescue the two children. The police called their rescue efforts heroic. The accident seems to have occurred because the hand break wasn’t fully pulled and loosened itself.

Years ago when we lived in San Francisco, I was taught that when you park on a hill you should leave the car in first gear (if it’s not an automatic), turn your wheels so they face the curb and have your hand break on. This is how I park to this day even if there is less of a risk on a earthquake hitting here. But should things go pear shaped and your car ends up submerged in a lake here is a useful video:

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