Znüni News – Wednesday September 28

Health insurance premiums are set to go up by 6.6% next year, adding an average of CHF 20.70 per month to everyone’s health insurance. The silver lining (if there is one) is that central Switzerland still have some of the lowest premiums in the country, and the raise will “only” be CHF 15.90 per month in the canton of Lucerne.

Bus and train tickets will probably go up next year too, as the result of the rising cost of energy.

Migros Bank will soon be found in post offices, alongside the Postfinance bank.

The building association ABL is recommending that apartments be heated at a temperature of 21° celsius. Renters should expect their apartments to be heated to 20°Celsius so adding only one degree to that rule of thumb versus more, reduces the use of energy by 15%. ABL has immediately implemented this rule as their buildings are heated with gas.

The Brasserie Lorraine in Bern continues to make headlines. After stopping a concert because the owners objected to one of the reggae musicians having dreadlocks (he was a white man), they also refused to serve Swiss soldiers because they were wearing their uniforms. When the men refused to take their uniforms off, they were asked to leave.

The “Lözarner Määs” will be returning to the Inseli park this weekend for two weeks. The parliament had originally suggested moving it to the Allmend but a large protest made sure that it stays right next to the train station. It will be the firs ttime in 3 years that it will be taking place.

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