Znüni News – Wednesday September 22

The federal council will be meeting to discuss whether to continue to offer Covid-19 tests for free this coming Friday.

They initially unblocked 2.5 billion francs to cover the tests, and will spend roughly 800 million this year on them, meaning that the government could afford to continue to pay for them. However some members of parliament want people to have to take responsibility (i.e. pay) for their decisions not to get vaccinated. One member of parliament mr. Bodenmann, former president of the socialist party, has suggested paying people who are doubly vaccinated a CHF 300.- premium and aiming for a freedom day on November 11th when 80% of the eligible population would be vaccinatted. Those who choose not get vaccinated would face a one time fine of CHF 100.- . It is doubtful whether this suggestion will come to fruition. It does seem, however, that the government is opting for a carrot and stick approach to the whole vaccination issue.

Meanwhile tests centres are more and more booked out and those hoping to get a test before going on holiday are struggling to find an appointment anywhere. The Kids Permanence in Lucerne offer tests for children but are quickly becoming booked out. For those turning up without an appointment at any test centre you can count on waiting up to 90 minutes before being seen and tested.

A self proclaimed “healer” managed to con a woman out of 1.5 million francs towards the building of a healing centre. Instead she spent all the money on herself and now faces up to 2 years and 10 months in jail and will have to pay all the money back.

What to do with the tourist coaches that crowd downtown? Although an intermediary solution has been found with the parking near the Südpol, city planning experts are currently reviewing 60 ideas to figure out which would be the best one. So far the idea of building a parking behind the Musegg tower or creating a metro line are proving to be the best (and most expensive) solutions. Now the city has to discuss and decide what to do.

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