Znüni News – Wednesday October 6

As of Monday the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine will be available at the Kantonspital. This is a different type of vaccine to the Moderna and Pfizer one. Only one dose needs to be administred and it is fully effective after 22 days, which is when anyone wishing to get the vaccine will have a valid Covid Certificate from. You can book an appointment for this vaccine at the kantonspital on this page.

Get your Covid certificate online for CHF 20-! This is what one provider promises. Basically you do a home test online whilst being watched by someone via video. If the test is negative they will deliver you with a certificate via email. No queue and cheaper than getting an antigen test. But be careful! The BAG does not recognise online testing as a valid option and it turns out that the certificate you will receive is a German one. However, EU certificates are recognised in Switzerland so this is definitely a grey zone which the department of health is trying to clear up.

Fancy going under the lake of Lucerne in a submarine? This should be possible from the end of this year. Subspirit is a new company who have purchased and renovated a 2.5 x 6 meter submarine and hope to offer tours of lake very soon going to depths of 77 meters.

Expect snow down to 1900 meter these coming days… winter is on its way!

PS: I will be on vacation for a few days so your next Znüni News will be on Monday October 18.

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