Znüni News – Wednesday October 20

Not one but five road accidents caused traffic chaos around Lucerne on Tuesday morning. Luckily out of the five accidents only one person was badly hurt enough to require going to hospital, but it was hours before normal traffic was restored.

Will we need Covid certificates to ski this winter? no say the resorts, yes says the department of health. The resorts argue that cable cars should be regulated as if they were public transport, i.e. not requiring the certificate. The department of health points to the close proximity of people and the fact that neighbouring countries are imposing the certificate (such as Austria). It might be that in this federalist country, each canton will get to decide for themselves.

Early Friday morning a woman was raped on her way home near Helvetiaplatzt. As a consequence the police will be patrolling downtown Lucerne more frequently at night. According to the victim the attacker was 30 to 40 years old, between 175 cm and 180 cm tall, dark skinned, corpulent and with a prominent nose. Anyone having any information should call the police at 041 248 81 17.

Pink sky at night? For those looking outside their windows yesterday you may have notice how intense the colours were. You can thank the volcano in La Palma for that; it released a cloud of floating gas which, after reaching Spain and France, is now over Switzerland. According to meteorologists it is harmless but results in denser colours in the sky as a result of the sun rays filtering through it.

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