Znüni News – Wednesday October 14

Until 2016 it was mandatory for any new dog owner to take a course on owning a dog and what the rules and needs to be met were. This course is no longer mandatory, and many new dog owners chose not to take such a course. At the same time the number of people injured through dog bites has gone up by close to 20%, leading to the question whether it would not be wiser to make these courses mandatory again.

A pensioned couple are facing a hefty bill after having accidentally set a fire alarm off in a hotel. They were staying in a hotel in Saas Fe and speaking with the owner in a corridor, when the man accidentally leant back against the wall, pressed on the fire alarm button and set it off. The fire brigade was on site within minutes as only they can turn the alarm off, and a specialist had to come and reinstall the alarm system. All of this came to CHF 900.-. The pensioner is left with the bill, and his third party insurance only covers part of it. Moral of the story: be careful what you lean back on, and check your insurance policy for the fine print! *

As numbers continue to climb more and more cantons are enforcing the wearing of masks in shops and certain public places. Schwyz and Solothurn are the two latest cantons to have joined the ranks.The head of the health department in Lucerne is holding a conference this coming Friday leading to speculations that we may be next in line.

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