Znüni News – Wednesday November 30

If you are looking for a job and have rudimentary German then head for the ski resorts as there is a definite shortage of personel in restaurants, hotels and even shops. For example the villagr of Göms in the Wallis is desperatly looking for people to help run their village Völg store. This is usually open from 7.30 to 19.00 every day during the season but, because of a lack of personel, they have even put out an appeal with the villagers for help. The catch? Most resorts are looking for people to begin on December 8th already….

If you are skiing in the Wallis region and have an accident requiring a helicopter do not expect to be rescued by the Rega but rather by either Air Zermatt or Air Wallis. These two companies won the right to continue to fly their helicopters to rescue mountainers and skiers in distress. Rega had made a bid to be able to have more than one helicopter stationed in the area.

According to an InterNations study Valencia, Dubai, Mexico City and Lisbon are the top cities expats prefer to live in. Switzerland ranks 7th with Basel, followed by Lausanne in 18th place, Zurich in 20th and Geneva in 34th place. Istanbul, Paris, Frankfurt and Johannesburg come in last out of the the 50 cities selected.

Basel does best in the Personal Finance Index (8th), ranking second worldwide for both expats’ satisfaction with their financial situation and them feeling that their disposable household income is enough to lead a comfortable life abroad. The Swiss city also lands in a good 14th place in the Expat Essentials Index, mainly due to its strong performance for Admin Topics (7th) and Digital Life (12th), and it does well in the Quality of Life Index (12th), too. Expats rate the natural environment positively (98% happy vs. 83% globally) and feel safe in Basel (98% vs. 81% globally). In the Working Abroad Index (14th), Basel ranks first in the Salary & Job Security Subcategory. About four in five feel paid fairly for their work (79% vs. 62% globally) and agree that moving there has improved their career prospects (81% vs. 60% globally). However, in the Ease of Settling In Index (42nd), expats describe the local residents as unfriendly (30% vs. 17% globally) and find it hard to make friends (58% vs. 37% globally). (source InterNations)

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