Znüni News – Wednesday November 10

The vaccination campaign seems to be going well, with many people spontaneously getting vaccinated against Covid-19, be it in the parking of IKEA or at the highway stop Neuenkirch where people can get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The main motivation is a desire for life to go back to “normal”.

A poll showed that 82% of the population believe that vaccination is the way to get back with a normal life, but only 50% are not worried about potential side effects from the new vaccines.

A motion to let café and restaurants continue to serve after midnight in the summer has been rejected in the local parliament. The motion was asking for “mediterranean nights” to be put in place in the summer, so that businesses with terraces could continue to serve drinks. The motion was denied citing the potential noise and disturbance to neighbours as the main reason. In the winter terraces have to be closed by 11 p.m.

A campaign is being launched to highlight the issue of domestic violence. In Switzerland close to 40% of all women in a relationship are victims of domestic violence, as are 25% of men. On average a woman is killed every 2 weeks in Switzerland by her partner or ex partner. If you are affected by this issue or know someone who is, we wrote an article sharing a lot of information on this issue.

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