Znüni News – Wednesday May 8

Yesterday was the official Swiss Overshoot Day, meaning that as of today Switzerland’s carbon footprint has just gone into the red. In comparison America already reached that point mid-March. Out of 138 countries being analyzed Switzerland is in spot 38. In order to make a different we need to fly less, eat less meat, go from oil heating systems to energy efficient heating systems and give up on plastic. You can measure your carbon footprint here.

We are used to seeing them, the coaches filled with hoards of tourists stopping off at Schwanenplatz for a quick tour of our lovely city. As of next week expect even a little more traffic. A company is rewarding its best sales people with a tour of Switzerland, 12 000 employees will be arriving in the coming weeks to enjoy the view from the Kapellbrücke, the Lion Monument etc. So expect even more tourist traffic downtown starting Monday when the first 4000 employees will make their stopover in Lucerne that’s at least 100 coaches (and again on May 19/29 and 24/26).

Wolves are currently a protected species in Switzerland, there has been a motion in the Wallis to have this revoked, but surprisingly hunters have stepped in to say that they don’t think that this is a good idea. Although there should be a possibility to shoot an animal when it causes lots of damage, the species should remain protected.

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