Znüni News – Wednesday May 15

The KKK activists from Schwyz brought to justice, not enough rain and artificial meat are today‘s headlines.

Last Fasnacht 13 people had shocked the region by dressing up as KKK members and paraded in the streets of Schwyz. This act will not remain without consequence as the justice department is now hoping to bring a court case against them. 500 people had demonstrated against right wing extremism in Schwyz and the city is determined to prove that it is not the hub for right wing extremism in Switzerland.

Hard to believe but the region hasn‘t been rained on enough this winter and should we have a dry summer, droughts will be a high probability. An average winter will see 200 millimeters of rain fall so far only 50 to 80 millimeters have been registered. Meteorologists are hoping for a longer phase with strong rains to counter the problem. If not a drought prevention action will need to be put into place this summer.

Migros has invested in an artificial meat company hoping to offer meat in the coming years produced from cells and not from animals anymore. It is now joining Coop, whose company Bell started investing in artificial meat a year ago.

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