Znüni News – Wednesday May 12

Things are looking up for those wishing to be vaccinated, as the vaccine appointments are opening up to the general adult population. If you haven’t already got your appointment, here is an insider tip: apply for vaccination in Willisau (as well as in Lucerne). You can do this by calling 041 228 45 45, from 8-12 and 13.30-17.

Further good news is that the number of Covid-19 cases are dropping, leading to speculation that further restrictions wil be lifted by the end of this month. This would include restaurants being able to fully reopen, compulsory home office being lifted and higher education resuming in person. We should know more this afternoon.

Despite being closed for over 100 days last year, the Casino Lucerne made a net gain of 109% last year bringing their earnings to over 94 million francs. This is thanks to their online casino which they launched in 2019.

The socialist party is, once more, trying to get foreigners to be allowed to vote in local referendums. Their first initiative,10 years ago, was rejected by the population, now they would like to give the debate another chance. Opponents claim that should foreigners want to have a voice in local politics, they should apply for Swiss citizenship.

Tomorrow will be the start of the 4-day Ascencion vacation (for Catholic cantons), you can expect a mixed bag weather wise. For gardeners May 15. is an important date; known as Cold-Sophie, it marks the traditional end of the risk of frost, meaning that we can plant our tender plants in the garden. However there is no scientific proof that frost automatically ends by May 15th and the rule of thumb is still to wait until nights are around 10° Celsius before putting seedlings out.

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