Znüni News – Wednesday March 28

In a modern Romeo & Juliet a father has been sentenced to jail after having tried to kill his daughter. The girl of Kosovo origin was dating a boy of Albanian origin, this was deemed unacceptable to the father. After having repeatedly asked the couple to split up – who refused, he argued with his daughter and attempted to slash her throat. Luckily the mother was able to pull him off his daughter thus saving her life. The man will be jailed for under 3 months and will have to pay a CHF 33 000.- bill for administrative costs. It is not know whether the young lovers are still together.

Another local institution is falling victim to the rising rent in the old town. The Falken chemist shop situated opposite the Manor will be closing end of June. This chemist shop has been there for over 100 years and is a well loved addressed for getting advice on ailments and picking up medicine. It is sad to see the old town lose more and more of its soul.

Scientists at the ETH in Zürich took a closer look at our friendly plastic ducks and found them to be absolute bacteria bombs. Testing ducks in bathtubs over 11 weeks, they found them to have between 5 & 75 million bacteria cells in one square centimetre. This bacteria could carry anything from legionel bacteria to bacteria able to cause  ear/eye infections. The main component used for making the plastic ducklings is to blame. Polymer is a very good host for bacteria, the scientists suggest that the manufacturers should look at another plastic to make the ducks with. Meanwhile your best bet might be to block the hole at the bottom of the ducklings.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Saying of the day: “Bis denn fliest no vill Wasser de Rhy derab”, until then a lot of water will flow out of the Rhone – it will never happen![/perfectpullquote]

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