Znüni News – Wednesday March 22.

On Sunday whilst the fusion between UBS and Credit Suisse was being finalised and announced to the world, the management of Credit Suisse was assuring its management that their promised bonuses would be paid out this coming friday. Having got wind of this, the government has stepped in and forbidden Credit Suisse from handing out any bonuses to its top employees, regular employees will be allowed to receive their 2022 bonuses. Speculation is currently rife as to how many of the 18 000 employees in Switzerland will be fired, and a large majority of employees are already looking around for other jobs.

A 31 year old woman was arrested for having conned 28 men into giving her 200 000 francs. She would contact the men via a dating app, then once she was in a “relationship” with them, she would then make up emergencies that would require money she did not have and that the men would give her.

The Mall of Switzerland continues to lose its shops, recently Terranova, Footlocker, Skechers and Café Rock have all left the premises. The management also seems to be changing as the new concept for the mall is yet to be found.

Last year, 309 people became Swiss citizens in Lucerne, a third of the people were German nationals. Also in 2022, 749 same sex couples got married, whilst 2234 couples had their official partnerships changed into marriages.

The World Happiness Report is out and Finland is the country where people feel the happiest, Switzerland fell from the 4th place in 2021 to the 8th place in 2022. Denmark and Iceland came in second and third. The three unhappiest countries are Ghana, Pakistan and Nigeria.

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