Znüni News – Wednesday June 16

You have only half an hour to talk with the president of the United States, what topics do you cover? That’s question Swiss President Guy Parmelin was asked after his 30 minute meeting with Joe Biden. Acoording to him they spoke a lot about Iran, as Switzerland is the western world’s representative with Iran since the 1980s. Taxes were also a topic as Biden has accused Switzerland of being a tax haven, Parmelin assured him that the country follows international rules and regulations. Biden then reminded Switzerland that the two fighter jets they are looking to buy (and which seem to be made in the USA) are both excellent options. Parmelin said that they are still deciding which model they will go with. Of course, there was also talk about a special trade deal between both countries, after which point the men shook hands. There you have it, what to two presidents talk about in 30 minutes. Later today Biden will meet with president Putin of Russia to discuss the relationship between both those countries.

Speaking of Russia, the Chateau Gütsch has changed owners again, the new owner, like the old one, is Russian, Kirill Androsov, and he is hoping to turn the hotel back to its former glory. There will be renovations from October to December of this year and a reopening in January 2022.

It’s hot, people are heading to the swimming pools and lidos to cool down, but because of the restrictions still in place in most places only half the capacity is allowed, so be prepared to have to turn around or come back later. Also remember that you still need to wear a mask to go to the kiosk, the toilets or the showers. Here is a post we wrote about the different swimming areas in and around Lucerne.

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