Znüni News – Wednesday June 15.

At the time of writing this (7.30 a.m.), the airspace above Switzerland has had to be shutdown due to a technical problem at Skyguide. Currently no planes can land or take off from either Zürich or Geneva airports. Check with the airport or airline websites if you are planning on flying today.

Corona cases have gone up by 50% in the last week, now reaching a daily average of 2124. However hospitalisations and people in intensive care remains low. No restrictions are currently considered or in place.

Yesterday, on the island of Au on lake Zürich, several people took part in a ritualistic walk over burning coals. Shortly afterwards 25 people had to be hospitalised half of which with very severe burns to the feet and legs. It is unclear whether the ceremony was for motivational or religious purposes.

The Tour de Suisse is going through central Switzerland this afternoon, so expect to find several roads closed off this afternoon around Brunnen.

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