Znüni News – Wednesday January 6

As the year begins it is clear that we are still in the throes of the pandemic and many countries around us are going back or prolonging their lockdown. Not so Switzerland, who despite stagnating numbers has decided to not impose any new measures for the time being. Should the numbers rise again then we could be facing tougher measures but this will only be decided in a week‘s time at the earliest. 

A 17 year old Dutch tourist was tested positive for the coronavirus and told to self-isolate whilst on holiday in the Wallis. Instead she fabricated a fake negative Covid-19 test result and travelled to Zürich airport where she was stopped and returned by ambulance to her hotel to finish her isolation period as well as fined for her attempt to bypass the rules.

Online shopping is booming as a consequence of the pandemic and thieves are seeing this as a great opportunity to get some free goodies. The numbers of packages being stolen has risen over the last few weeks, so be sure to, whenever possible, be there to receive your deliveries.

Have you taken your Christmas decorations down yet? More and more people (myself included) have decided to keep some good cheer going by not taking the decorations down. We have unknowingly embraced an older medieval tradition which states that rather than ending on the twelth night (tonight), Christmas celebrations should last until the next Christian holy day, Candlemas on February 2nd. I‘ll drink to that! I might even have some mincemeat left over somewhere. Ho!Ho!Ho!

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