Znüni News – Wednesday January 25.

As a neutral country, Switzerland has been very clear that weapons that are manufactured in the country cannot be given to the Ukraine. The national security commission would like to change this and make the rule to be, Swiss weapons already delivered to other countries can then be passed onto the Ukrainians.

In average 100 weapons go missing from the Swiss army every year. These are usually assault weapons and are lost by the soldiers themselves on public transport or forgotten in a room for example. The weapons are usually returned by the members of the public who find them, but many are still missing.

An auditing commission has been designated by the parliament to look into the affair of the leaked Covid-19 strategies to the press by federal councillor Alain Berset’s head of communication. The question is whether they were trying to influence public opinion by leaking these documents and whether the Ringier Press Agency was acting as an unofficial governmental PR agency.

The Pro Juventute association which helps youths with mental health issues has said that in the numbers of callers wanting to commit suicide has doubled in the past year, rising to 161 calls in 2022. Teenagers needing help for mental health issues usually have to wait several months before they can be seen by a specialist.

The government is estimating that there will be around 30 000 asylum seekers wanting to enter the country in 2023, this is without counting the Ukrainian contingency which will probably be double that. In majority these will be people fleeing conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea and making their way to Europe via the “Balkan route” or Greece.

Monday and Friday are people’s favourite home office days, but statistics are also showing that these are days when employees are the least efficient, leading some companies to ban these days as home office days.

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