Znüni News – Wednesday January 19. 2022

Today the government will be announcing the results of the consultation with the cantons regarding the Covid measures. While it is widely believed that the measures will be extended beyond January 26, it is unclear how long they will remain in place. We will share the information with you as soon as the announcement is made.

The number of Covid-19 cases has remained at around 30 000 for the past week, leading epidimiologists to speculate that we have reached the top of the wave. Others, however, are speculating that the actual number of daily cases is probably closer to 100 000 as not everyone feels symptoms or gets tested. Fortunately, so far, the hospitals are not under more pressure than usual.

The Lözarner Määs, the local autumn fair, will not take place at the Inseli anymore. This is because the area is to be turned into a parc and therefore will not be suitable for the rides and stands. This is disappointing to the organisors who do not want the fair to be moved to out of town, probably the Allmend. They feel that part of its charm is that it’s downtown.

The Chapel Bridge is getting a “face lift” or rather a leg lift, as the wooden stakes which hold it up need replacing. Every five years, three of the wooden stakes are replaced with new ones. Divers are currently assessing which ones need replacing, winter is the preferred season as the water is calmer and not too deep.

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